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John R. Johannes
Professor of Political Sciences


Papers Presented

American Political Science Association Meetings 1974, 1978, 1980, 1983, 1985, 1986
Midwest Political Science Association Meetings 1974, 1978, 1980,  1984
Western Political Science Association Meeting 1980

Panel Chair

Midwest Political Science Association Meetings: 1979, 1981, 1985, 1986, 1989, 1990, 1994, 1995 (2)
American Political Science Association Meeting: 1984, 1995, 1996
Marquette U. Symposium on "Faith, Knowledge, and Politics," 1982
Wisconsin Political Science Association Meeting, 1981
Bradley Institute on Democracy, Conference on Campaign Finance 
Reform and Representative  Democracy, Milwaukee, 1989

Panel Discussant

American Political Science Association Meetings: 1982, 1984, 1987, 1988, 1995
Midwest Political Science Association Meeting, 1982, 1987, 1988,  1995
Symposium on Moral values in Contemporary Politics, Marquette U.,  1975
Symposium on Religion, Ethics and Politics, Marquette U., 1974
Colby College Conference on Congressional Candidates, 1986
Symposium on Congress in the Twenty-first Century, Carl Albert 
Center, U. of Oklahoma, 1990


Wisconsin and Milwaukee Oral History Project (oral history interviews with Wisconsin governors, staffs, legislators, and with Milwaukee city and county officials and observers), deposited with Marquette University Special Collections Department, 1995


American Journal of Political Science; Journal of Politics; Legislative Studies Quarterly; American Politics Quarterly; American Political Science Review; Political Research Quarterly; The Urban Interest; Women And Politics; Congress And The Presidency; Polity; Social Science Quarterly; Journal of Policy History; Social Science Journal; Review of Politics


In:  American Political Science Review; Congress And The Presidency; The Annals; Capitol Studies; Perspective; Journal of Politics; Review of Politics


Little, Brown; Congressional Quarterly; Dorsey Press; Houghton Mifflin; University of Nebraska Press; Yale University Press; Scott Foresman; St. Martin's Press; McGraw-Hill; Brooks-Cole; University of Pittsburgh Press


University. of Nebraska, Rice University, London School of Economics, Arcadia University


Undergraduate: U.S. Presidency; U.S. Congress; U.S. Foreign Policy;  U.S. Political Parties and Elections; American Politics;  Congress and the Presidency; Political Reform in America

Graduate:  Presidential Leadership; Legislative-Executive Relations; American  National Politics; Policy Innovation in Congress; Congress and the Presidency; The U.S. Congress;  Political Reform



Books  and Monographs:

Thinking About Political Reform:  How to Fix, or not Fix, American Government and Politics (New York: Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2015)

Money, Elections, and Democracy: Reforming Congressional Campaign Finance (Boulder, Col: Westview, 1990), co-editor/contributor, with M. L. Nugent

To Serve the People: Congress and Constituency Service (Lincoln, Neb.: U. of Nebraska Press, 1984).

Policy Innovation in Congress (Morristown, N.J.: General Learning Press, 1972).

Journal Articles:

"Congressmen, Perquisites, and Elections," Journal of Politics 50 (May, 1988): 412-439 (with J. McAdams)

"Entrepreneur or Agent: Congressmen and the Distribution of Casework, 1977-1984," Western Political Q 40 (Sept., 1987): 535-554 (with J. McAdams)

"Determinants of Spending by House Challengers: 1974-1984," American Journal of Political Science 31 (August, 1987): 457-483 (with J. McAdams)

"Constituency Attentiveness in the House: 1977-1982," Journal of Politics 47 (November, 1985): 1108-1139 (with J. McAdams)

"Women As Congressional Staffers: Does It Make A Difference?" Women And Politics 4 (Summer, 1984): 69-81 

"The Voter in the 1982 House Elections," American Journal of Political Science 28 (November, 1984): 778-781 (with J. McAdams)

"Congress, The Bureaucracy, and Casework," Administration And Society 16 (May, 1983): 41-70

"Political Culture and Congressional Constituency Service," Polity 15 (Summer, 1983): 555-572

"Explaining Congressional Casework Styles," American Journal of Political Science 27 (Aug.,1983): 530-547. Reprinted: D. Kozak and J. Macartney, Congress And Public Policy, 2d ed., (Homewood, Ill.: Dorsey, 1986), pp. 435-444.

"The 1980 House Elections: Re-examining Some Theories in a Republican Year," Journal of Politics 45 (February, 1983): 143-162 (with J. McAdams)

"The Congressional Incumbency Effect: Is It Casework, Policy Compatibility, or Something Else? An Examination of the 1978 Election," American Journal of Political Science 25 (Aug., 1981): 512-542 (with J. McAdams). Reprinted in J. Silbey et al. (eds.), The United States Congress: The Electoral Connection, 1789-1989 (N.Y.: Carlson Publishing, 1991), vol. 2, pp. 487-518.

"Does Casework Matter? A Reply to Professor Fiorina," American Journal of Political Science 25 (August, 1981): 581-604 (with J. McAdams)

"The Distribution of Casework in the U.S. Congress: An Uneven Burden," Legislative Studies Quarterly 5 (November, 1980): 517-544

"Casework as a Technique of Congressional Oversight of the Executive," Legislative Studies Q 4 (Aug., 1979): 325-353.  Reprinted: The International Library of Politics and Comparative Government (Ashgate Publishing Co.).

"Executive Reports to Congress," Journal of Communication 26 (Sum., 1976): 53-61

"Study and Recommend: Statutory Reporting Requirements as a Technique of Legislative Initiation," Western Political Quarterly  24 (Dec., 1976): 589-596

"The President Proposes and Congress Disposes--But Not Always: Legislative Initiative on Capitol Hill, Review of Politics 36 (July, 1974): 356-370.  Reprinted as "Legislative Initiative," in J. Macartney and D. Kozak, Congress And Public Policy: Documents And Readings (Homewood, Ill.:  Dorsey, 1982), 403-409; and in J. Silbey et al. (eds.), The First Branch of American Government: The United States Congress and Its Relations to the Executive and Judiciary, 1789-1989 (Brooklyn: Carlson, 1991), vol. 2, pp. 613-627. 

"Where Does the Buck Stop?--Congress, President, and the Responsibility for Legislative Initiation," Western Political Quarterly 25 (Sept., 1972):  396-415

"Congress and the Initiation of Legislation," Public Policy 20 (Spring, 1972): 281-310

Book Chapters:

"Financing Campaigns in a Representative Democracy: What is at Stake?"  in  Margaret L. Nugent and John R. Johannes, eds.,  Money, Elections, And Democracy: Congressional Campaign Finance Reform (Boulder, Col: Westview  Press, 1990) (With Margaret L. Nugent)

"Conclusion: Reforms and Values" in Nugent and Johannes, eds.,  Money, Elections, And Democracy: Congressional Campaign Finance Reform (Boulder, Col: Westview Press, 1990) (With Margaret L. Nugent)

"Individual Outputs: Legislators and Constituency Service," in C. Deering,  Congressional Politics (Homewood, Ill.: Dorsey, 1988), pp. 90-110.

"Casework in the House," in J. Cooper and G. C. Mackenzie, The House At Work (Austin: U. of Texas Press, 1981), pp. 78-96.  Reprinted in American Government (Glencoe Books, 1993)

"Statutory Reporting Requirements: Information and Influence for Congress" in A.Baaklini, Comparative Legislative Reforms And Innovations (Albany: SUNY Press, 1977), pp. 33-60


"Yeshiva Thirty Years Later: Tension Remains," Expositions 4 (Vols 1-2, 2010)

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"Journal's Stand Reveals Bias," Milwaukee Journal, Sept. 10, 1987, p. 15A