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Jesse Couenhoven earned his bachelor’s in psychology at Oberlin College, a Master’s degree in historical theology from Yale Divinity School, and a Ph.D. from Yale’s Religion Department.

He has published articles on Barthian, Augustinian, and feminist theologies of sin and grace, freedom, natural law, virtue ethics, forgiveness, and retributive justice. He recently edited a focus issue on forgiveness for the Journal of Religious Ethics and published a book on responsibility and inherited sins, titled Stricken by Sin, Cured by Christ.

He is currently writing a book about the doctrine of predestination. Jesse also spends a fair amount of time arguing about the implications of his work on "lack of control" for the concept of patient autonomy with his wife Amy Tsou, a neurologist. They live with their newborn son, Ian, near Independence Hall in downtown Philadelphia.

Jesse D. Couenhoven


Associate Professor of Moral Theology

Department of Humanities

Villanova University